• 3D Muscle Roller Stick
  • 3D Muscle Roller Stick
  • 3D Muscle Roller Stick
  • 3D Muscle Roller Stick
  • 3D Muscle Roller Stick
  • 3D Muscle Roller Stick
  • 3D Muscle Roller Stick
3D Muscle Roller Stick3D Muscle Roller Stick3D Muscle Roller Stick3D Muscle Roller Stick3D Muscle Roller Stick3D Muscle Roller Stick3D Muscle Roller Stick
3D Muscle Roller Stick
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  • Therapeutic. The roller stick can treat muscle soreness, stiffness, increase the blood circulation, make the body be excited and increase its warmth
  • Ergonomic. 9 therapeutic spindles make it easy to massage various body muscle within the body
  • High-quality. Made of ABS and stainless steel, it is strong reinforced and can't bend even under intense massage pressure
  • Portable. It can be widely used for home, office, gym, etc.
  • Multi-use. It is used in the variety of body muscles like the leg, back muscle and deep muscular massage

Exercise Methods

  • It can be placed in children's palms, soles of the feet and other body parts, through pressing, rolling or massaging to stimulate the skin to develop active and stable emotions
  • Local weight-reduced massage. It can break down fats quickly, which is saving time and efforts
  • Scalp massage, having a good effect on improving hair growth, anti-hair loss, insomnia, memory loss, etc.
  • Foot massage, from the heel to the toe, more labor-saving and having a good effect of promoting blood circulation
  • Leg detoxification massage, best choice for eliminating leg edema, leg small rash, leg dryness, and leg fat
  • Back massage, from neck to waist, from the left side of the body to the right side
  • Head massage, from the forehead to the back of head for approximate 30 times
  • Neck massage, from top to bottom
  • Chest massage, brush the abdominal middle line from top to bottom. For both sides of the middle line, respectively brush the body from the inside to outside along the ribs ( first left and then right ), pay attention to avoid the nipples
  • Abdomen massage, from bottom to top, or brush spirally
  • Lower Limb massage, from bottom to top

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